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  1. Is adjacent to, is next to, shares borders with, abuts.
    Spain borders Portugal and France.


  1. Plural of border

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Border may refer to:
  • Border, geographical boundary of political entities or legal jurisdictions
  • Border (1997 film), Bollywood war film based on the Battle of Longewala
  • Border (2007 film), a 2007 documentary about the Mexican-American border.
  • The Border, a 1982 film starring Jack Nicholson as a Texas border patrol officer
  • The Border (TV series), a 2007 Canadian drama TV series set in post-9/11 Toronto
  • Border Reivers (Rugby), a professional rugby union team that used to play in the Celtic League
  • Border country, the area either side of the border between Scotland and England
  • Border Television, a UK television station serving the south of Scotland, Cumbria, and the Isle of Man
Borders may refer to:
  • The Borders, another name for the Scottish Borders, an area of lowland Scotland on the border with England
  • Borders Books, a chain of international booksellers, owned by the Borders Group
    • Borders (UK) Ltd., the UK division of booksellers, Borders Group now owned by Private Equity Group Risk Capital Partners
  • "Borders" (song), by The Sunshine Underground, an English indie rock band
People named Border or Borders:
  • Allan Border, captain of the Australian cricket team 1984-1994 and former world record holder for career test runs
  • Ila Borders b. 1975, left-handed pitcher in college and independent professional baseball
  • Pat Borders b. 1963, catcher in major league baseball
  • William Donald Borders b. 1913, 13th Archbishop of Baltimore in the Roman Catholic Church
  • Lisa Borders, President of the Atlanta City Council
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